Life can sometimes take you on a detour. Far beyond the yellow brick road you’ve mapped out for yourself. Click, Click, Dorothy don’t be afraid. Life will surely show you some wicked witches but just remember this: “It’s all about the journey and the ones you create memories with”.



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Running + Gym + Healthy food = on my way to a healthier me

It has already been two months since I wrote my last post. I was planning to be more active but I’m here now!! In my last post I told you guys that I signed up myself for the 5K Ladies run in June. I convinced my friend to join me and combine our weekly gym sessions with running. Continue reading

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Run Zippy! Run!


My mama always said, ‘Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get. – Forrest Gump.

This morning as I look at my calender I realize I have exactly 64 days until D-day arrives. Two months ago, Valentine’s day to be exactly, I decided to enroll myself for the 5km Ladiesrun 2015 supporting the Pink Ribbon cause!
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Blogger with a cause #1

Do you know that feeling, the one that stirs up out of the blue and there’s nothing else you can do then acting upon that feeling? I had that kind of feeling a couple of weeks ago and today I’m sharing with y’all what that feeling was about.
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Holiday Season

All he wants for christmas

Ladies it’s time to break the bank!!! Holiday season is just around the corner. Take the guessing out of gift shopping this season. I ask the fellas what gifts they really want to receive if it was up to them to decide. So instead of buying him the same thing you bought him last year and the year before that, I’ll share with you a selection of the gifts that will definitely create an ear to ear smile on your loved one’s face.
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Is it Rape Culture, or does your SINGLE ASS just DRESS like a whore & PROVOKE it?

I haven’t posted my daily nablopomo posts due to lack of time but I would like to share some of the good stuff that’s out there and what I couldn’t keep to myself.

A lot of us black females experienced a situation like this but most of the time there wasn’t a brother that spoke up for us. I love this piece and can’t wait till part 2 comes. Signing off, 32 year old working student.

Real News

“Look at bae!” I said under my breath as I watched a tall, brown-skinned, Monica-from-Love-and-Basketball looking woman walk past me & bat her eyes, lookin’ like a pretty ass giraffe grazing the savanna, despite the fact we were on a 24-hour-fitness basketball court.

She was wearing a black t-shirt, with the words, “you go girl” printed on it, long black basketball warmup pants, the Jordan Cool Greys, a white head band to hold back her huge curls and a naked face.

I could tell she was giving me, “the look”, because it wasn’t just a glance. She looked at me, glanced down, then slowly raised her brown eyes, until they were at my eye level. She was giving me the look Nala gave Simba in, “The Lion King”, before the two of them rolled around & made love in the grass.

“I’ll play you for it,” she said, rolling her…

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