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Eat Sleep Beach Repeat

Philipsburg, St. Martin

Philipsburg, St. Martin

Growing up in a single parent family, 1 brother, 1 sister and your mom makes just enough money to pay the bills, travelling to exotic and unknown parts of the world didn’t became reality ’till I was 14 years old and visited Blanes, Spain with my aunt.

Spain was something different from Pony Park Slagharen, a visit to Duinrell or the Efteling (Amusement parks in The Netherlands). Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the fun time I spent with my cousins and other relatives and frankly growing up in the south of Rotterdam, where we had enough activities during the summer and other holidays, I didn’t think about a holiday abroad because all my friends were where I was, right here in Holland.

But there was something about the sun, the beach and that water! Wow! A whole new world opened up for me but as years passed by the memories I created in Blanes, faded away.

After reminiscing about my travelling history I came to the conclusion that my only long distant flight was from Amsterdam to Suriname and there were still a lot of countries in Europe and the rest of the world I wanted to visit under 1 condition: never again spent that much money to visit a place and afterwards feel like you haven’t been there.

Places I visited

So from that day I promised myself to enrich myself with a country’s culture, history, everything they have to offer etc. I wanted take it all in.

When I’m planning to visit to a certain place the first thing I do is off course…. Google, check tripadvisor, lonelyplanet and check out the tourist information website. I find that most of those websites give me a lot of information about activities during my upcoming stay and I always look to find out if they have a local card that gives you discounts, free entrance to attractions and most of the time access to the public transportation. I was born in Holland and we love free stuff, yesss FREE stuff. And if we can’t have it for free, we’ll definitely take the discount.

During my vacations I love to combine culture (going to the museum, visit ancient buildings, memorials, things that tell me something about that place etc) and fun (beach, cocktails, dance, party, visit a sea aquarium. Omg, for some reason I always check to see if there is a sea aquarium nearby. Maybe it’s the little child inside me).

Sea Aquarium, Curaçao

As you might have discovered I didn’t wrote anything about “food”. That’s because I really don’t care a lot about food or restaurants. Just give me a plate of something I can eat and I’m good. A couple of my friends asked me, after my stay on St Martin, if I went to so and so restaurant and me answering with “no” seemed to amaze them. I’m a home cooked meal type of gyal. If there is food in the house I don’t necessarily have to go to a restaurant. Im just easy breezy.

Sleeping during dinner @ Paris

Sleeping during dinner @ Paris

I also love watching people. How they walk, talk, behave but mostly what they wear. Sometimes just dress like back home but there is always someone who gives me fashion like they only can do it. That reminds me, a friend of my Sheena (upcoming stylist) wrote a blog about street fashion in London. Go and check it out! 

Sheena was also my latest vacation buddy or victim. We went to the beautiful island Curaçao. I met her over there in between my stay at the place I now call my second home away from home: Saint Martin… Sorry for the 3rd place. Although sxm has the beautiful white beaches and the o so wonderful blue water, Suriname is where my heart lies.


Me wearing traditional clothes (koto) based on the flag of Surinam

Before we went to Curaçao, I arranged a meeting where Sheena helped me organizing my suitcases but the main reason she was there was to discuss what to do when we were on the island. I already looked up some things I wanted to do and wrote it all down. I came prepared. And here comes my lovely friend and she says “All I want to do is eat, sleep, beach repeat….” Oh and she wanted to swim with dolphins.

Disclaimer: For those who are travelling with me in the future…. eat sleep beach repeat is not going to happen! You will have to drag your behind from that bed because we are going to experience the city/town, take in all what that place has to offer. After that you will be able to say you’ve been there!!

Ok, maybe not everything but there has to be a balance. Some fun, some lazy, some educational and again fun moments. And if I may speak for Sheena, she enjoyed the extra things I dragged her along with. Here are some of the pictures of our stay in Dushi Kòrsou (Sweet Curaçao).


I already planned my next two mini vacations: London and Nantes, France. I hope my fellow travellers are physically and mentally prepared for me….. lol

Random holiday pictures

Random holiday pictures




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