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4 days, 3 girls, 2 days to pack and 1 carry-on

My trip to London with my two friends has finally arrived and when you read this it’s already over and I’m back at my job to work 4 days and leave on sunday to go to Nantes, France for another trip. Yes I know, life sucks sometimes!!!!

In preparation for my long weekend to London I tried to come up with a versitable wardrobe to 1. cope with the unpredictable English weather and 2. because we are travelling with EasyJet we’re only allowed to bring a carry-on. You can take a normal suitcase with you but than you have to pay an additional amount. So if you didn’t know, now you know!

Pinterest was my biggest inspiration because as always panic kicked in 2 days before leaving because I haven’t packed a thing. I found some pointers on how to pack for a long weekend and went for it but because I like to carry my whole wardrobe with me for the just in case I need that necklace or shoe or everything, 1 carry-on is a challenge. Below you see look alike of the items I brought along on my trip since I didn’t take pictures of all my outfits.


And these are the outfits I came up with:


I couldn’t leave you with some pictures of me and my friends during my so called photoshoot in Camden Town were I discovered a colored building that caught my eye.


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