Holiday Season

All he wants for christmas

Ladies it’s time to break the bank!!! Holiday season is just around the corner. Take the guessing out of gift shopping this season. I ask the fellas what gifts they really want to receive if it was up to them to decide. So instead of buying him the same thing you bought him last year and the year before that, I’ll share with you a selection of the gifts that will definitely create an ear to ear smile on your loved one’s face.

All he wants for christmas

1) They say we ladies love shoes but you can never go wrong with some fly shoes.
2) One of the Apple family members will definitely score you some points. Don’t forget to buy him a portable charger to make sure he can always call you and get him the one with the highest storage capacity (for all those pictures y’all going to take).
3) Suit and Tie. That’s what separates the men form the boys. Matching cufflinks and belt to finish the look.
4) When you need some me-time, just pull the Game card. He’ll love it!!
5) Some men don’t get bored receiving perfume every year as long as it’s the one they have their eyes on.
6) Does he still carry his Eastpack to work?? Buy him a grown *ss bag that fits his current situation/occupation.
7) If you really don’t know what to get him, than a gift card will do. Go karting, Motor cycling lessons, Massages, Sportstore, Computer related etc. you name it, they want it.
8) Diamonds are a girl’s best friend and the guys love nice bracelets.
9) Socks, He needs a clean pair everyday so why not buy him a bunch.
10) One for those moments you don’t want to hear the sound of the games he plays, the other
11) “Wearing a watch is a way that men express their personality, worth, value, and style.” So why not buy him a watch to show it off.
12) Relaxation, massages, Mai Thais, beaches, City trips. He just wants to spent some 1 on 1 time with you and unwrap the best gift ever: You!!!

A special shout out to all the brothers out there who gave me their input for my blog. Looking forward to future collaborations. Happy Holidays!!!


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