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What have I been up to??

Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.” ― Dr. Seuss

I have been off the radar for quite some time….. and I know you missed me a little bit but I’m back!!!!!!!

Laziness for the biggest part 😀 and my busy schedule took over but I’m here to stay and ready to start all over. Well not from the beginning but somewhere around where I left my last post and because I wasn’t around to share my new years resolutions with you: eat more healthy stuff, be more punctual, workout at least 3-4 times a week etc etc. I will spare you all the details.

I do have to share some news concerning my route towards getting my master degree. The hard work I put in before Christmas paid off: after 4 years…. yes 4 years I passed my Advanced Management Accounting exam, filled in my thesis proposal and received the news that it had been accepted and they were going to assign me a thesis mentor.

I will have to swear off all my series Suits/Scandal/Greys Anatomy/Jane the Virgin/The Blacklist and many others and go into beast mode because after contacting the same thesis mentor, I received an email saying he liked my subject and he needed me to come up with 30 articles concerning the same subject and some other stuff within 2 weeks next to working 39 hours a week and studying for my business economics exam. So I guess life ends right here.

Well it hasn’t been only work without pleasure these last 2 months. I enjoyed the holidays with the family, finally took kizomba lessons, had a lot of birthday parties, my cousin African Chique wedding and last but not least I was offered the opportunity to do a spoken word during Woorden Worden Zinnen Kweekvijver editie (Words become Sentences  – the nursery edition).

WWZ is an event for upcoming spoken word artists. I was very surprised when they approached me to participate since I don’t consider myself a spoken word artist in the making. But 1 thing popped up in my head, after discussing the invitation with my friend Bellita,  2015 is a year of new things. At least that’s what I’ve been telling others but wasn’t really applying it to my own life yet. So after contemplating back and forth I decided that I was going to do it!!! Yes I can!!!!! At least I thought for a minute…

The closer the event came, the more I experienced a case of what they called a writers block or in my case a dry creativity well. Nothing was good enough, nothing sounded sharp enough. Have you heard those word artists? Like really, did you hear those lyrical acrobatic things they hit you with…. Na that doesn’t sound like me right now and will I get somewhere near that before my deadline and memorize everything because I will have to know it by heart?

You see I was pressuring myself into something that I didn’t have to be in that moment. Nobody expected me to know my stuff by heart of throw rhymes at the audience that left them mesmerized, but me. As soon as I got rid off all of the unnecessary voices in my head, I decided to use that what apparently impressed the organisation the first time I “performed” a spoken word and used that as my foundation. A glance at my keyboard filled my well. Long story short: performing this piece was fun and exited. I got love from the audience and words like: “I want to hear more of you in the future” helped build up my confidence.

To round up my first post of 2015 I would like to share the unedited video of my performance. At first I didn’t dare want to share it because all I could see or hear were the flaws and (grammar) mistakes but he! it was my second time performing plus I was recovering from the flu that punched me knock out the day after. So bear with me and leave some heart: in the comment box.


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