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Running + Gym + Healthy food = on my way to a healthier me

It has already been two months since I wrote my last post. I was planning to be more active but I’m here now!! In my last post I told you guys that I signed up myself for the 5K Ladies run in June. I convinced my friend to join me and combine our weekly gym sessions with running. You see working out or running by yourself can be fun but when you partner up with your friend, you can share the pain, the victories and the things going on in your life at the same time and even then we still manage to talk for hours on the phone.


With only 8 weeks ahead of us, I thought it would come in handy to use a schedule to help us prepare because the first week we went running was great but we weren’t aware of how many minutes we were running and how much time we spent on walking in between the runs. Geared with the Nike Run and HIT Interval Timer App, we left our footprints behind at local parks and near our gym as if we were running mates for years. Today with only 9 days ahead of us, we are pretty sure to kick some behinds and finish under 32 minutes.

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Even though I enjoy running I knew that I needed more to lose that extra weight (read: 16 kg) that has been travelling along with me these last 7 years. Sometimes I look back and ask myself when and how? but the only thing I know is: THEY HAVE TO GO!

I needed help so I contacted Shirley Engelardt, who has transformed herself from thick to healthy and strong. With her company FitQueens Shirley helps out women who are in need of change. Check out her Facebook page and her soon to be release website for information, tips and recipes.

Shirley offers a variety of products but I purchased a 4 week meal plan + workout schedule. After my payment I received an intake form where I needed to specify my needs, goals, food dislikes, allergies, workout schedule etc. My personal workout-, and meal plan were created based upon my information. In the pictures below you will see what I ate on my first day (I supposed to have tuna and almonds around 20:00 but I didn’t because I felt stuffed from the salad I ate and I normally don’t eat after I have dinner).

For the coming two weeks I’ll be eating like this and will switch it up by adding different vegetables or instead of chicken I’ll eat tuna or salmon. Shirley wrote down a list of alternatives so it doesn’t have to be boring.

The first week I visited the gym three times: leg day, arms and shoulders day and finished with chest day combined with 3 days running (5 km) which resulted in a 1.9kg loss (I started at 73kg). I lost 1.7 in the second week followed by two weeks were I was very busy and lazy combined with birtday celebrations and a wedding which ended in a weight gain of 0.8 kg.

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I know this is just the beginning but I’m looking forward to my results in the near future because I do see change bodywise. It will be tough every time I pass the candy isle, it will be tough when I go to a party and I see all those delicious snacks but all that I have to remember is: those are the same things that brought me here!!! But till then: Beast Mode!!!


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