Male Crush Monday: Vitamins for the eyes

Good morning, Good morning tell me how you doing??

I’m back!! And happy to start my week without exam stress…. Thanks to a good conversation with a fellow student and friend, I took on her advice to go to the library this past saturday and start preparing for the new semester. And I must say: I feel confident approaching this coming┬ásemester. Continue reading


Get that paper #2

Hi everyone,

I have been neglecting y’all for a couple of days now because I’m working on getting that paper aka my diploma. This coming Monday is exam day so I have to put in some extra hours. But I will be BACK!!!!

Ps. In the mean time an idea has been birthed in my head and found its way to my heart. I can’t tell you what it is at this moment but as soon as it reaches a stage where I can share…… you guys are the first to know.

Signing off,
32 year old student on the move


10 things I need to survive this Fall

Fallen Birds, Fallen Leaves.

When september arrived, we all knew that Summer was about to come to an end. For some reason, my male colleagues would say because I’m a woman, I’m always cold. So the switch from summer to fall isn’t a time that I normally welcome with open arms but I’ve decide to approach current season positive and enjoy it. The current good October weather also helps. Continue reading