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Climbing up the family tree – part 1

I come from a family where we don’t talk a lot about the past. My mom came to Holland at the age of 12/13 years and can recall (very) little of her younger years and I wasn’t that curious. Continue reading

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Hidden Treasures between Trash

The last couple of years tv has been flooded by different kind of reality television shows. There has been a lot of bashing, complaining, openly and secretly enjoyment about the way people are portraying themself and in some cases how people are being portrayed. I plea guilty! Continue reading

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Eat Sleep Beach Repeat

Philipsburg, St. Martin

Philipsburg, St. Martin

Growing up in a single parent family, 1 brother, 1 sister and your mom makes just enough money to pay the bills, travelling to exotic and unknown parts of the world didn’t became reality ’till I was 14 years old and visited Blanes, Spain with my aunt.

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Started blogging from the bottom now I’m here


Like a lot of people I have conversations with myself. If you’re not one of us, you’re probably in denial… Since I lost my blog virginity stories are popping up in my head and I feel the necessity to write them down and share them with someone. But not everything that comes into my head has to be captured in my blog. So I asked myself what to do now? Continue reading